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Track and Fuel + BBQ

The 6th annual run and workout event. Over the past few years we've worked on creating the bestest, funnest fitness event that includes running, lifting, carrying, throwing, eating and drinking (not all at once).

This year, Track and Fuel will be combination of the past few years events and the Fuel City Relay. Here's a video to give you an idea of what you may be getting yourself into :)

This team event will start at Fuel Roncesvalles where we'll be performing a workout then running to Fuel West where there will be another workout. From there we'll run to Fuel East to finish the last workout and then indulge in a post workout BBQ compliments of Fuel. Finish early to get to the Q early

Total run distance is 7km (split up in 4km and 3km intervals). Total workout reps 700. Total Fun. Infinite.
Full Logistics including team entry will be provided a week out for participants including a shuttle for your gear.
If you do not want to participate in the fitness portion, you can sign up and still join/consume at the BBQ.
Beer, Meat and non meat options will be provided. You're welcome to bring other beverages and food for those with dietary restrictions/preferences.
48 hour cancellation policy to plan BBQ accordingly

Question 1: Will there be running? Answer: Yes.
Question 2: Can I bike? Answer: To the BBQ you can.
Question 3: What if I'm injured? Answer: You have 25 days before game day to rehab. Otherwise join us for the Q at Fuel East!
Question 4: What if it rains? Answer: You'll get wet.

9-9:30 intro and workout
9:30-11:30 workout
11:30-1pm BBQ